He split my ass like a ripe peach and incised into me…

He was there again this morning. Sitting on a table outside the café, looking somewhat carelessly from behind the sport foods magazine, advertised by smirking body builders with shiny, almost nude bodies. Now I was sure that he’s going to break. I could see the hunger in his eyes, looming on his gentle face. A nervous wrinkle, splitting the light forehead under a naughty dark tress. I was enjoying him, without being too quick about it. It’s been dry for days, not that there was nobody for the job, but I wanted something special. He too needed something different.

I approached and asked if the seat next to him is taken. The whole place was empty. And he understood, but just like me he too didn’t hurry to smile. He examined me and said to himself “yes” simultaneously with my decision to sit. I ordered coffee and asked if I could take a look at the magazine. My hand touched his and I felt the sweat breaking out on his fingers. He was horny already, trying to stop his quick breathing, I rubbed my knee in his hip and felt the firm muscle vibe, then I sensed my cock struggling to find it’s place in the tight jeans.

As I finished my drink I saw him staring at my adam’s apple, a small drop of sweat on the curve of his chin. He was more impatient than me. I asked for the bill. He didn’t say anything. We stood up together like as if we were hypnotized, like as if there was nothing and no one. I could only stare at his wide firm chest, that was quickly raising, and the growing sweat stain on his t-shirt.

He lived above the café, with view a overlooking the back yard of the building. It was quiet. Everyone was working or had gone who knows where. The room was small, clean, without any unnecessary furniture. The banana colored drapes created a sense of warmness in the twilight and the exalting expectation in me. His back facing me while he tried to find some music. His firm ass stretching the thin summer jeans left me breathless. I slid my hand under his t-shirt and my fingers sunk into the smoothness of his skin. I felt a scent of lavender, musk and something else, something his. I put my hands on his waist and found the buckle with my fingers. A second later his pants felt down eagerly.

I don’t remember how I took my cloths off, while I continued touching him. He didn’t dare to move. His butt was very white, without a single hair on it. I looked surprised in front of me – it’s been long since that last time I saw my cock that erected. The web of veins was giving relief to it’s tawnyness. The contrast with the white skin of the other guy was incredible. In this moment he turned to me and while his hand was gently, but persistently folding my balls, his lips started to absorb me.

His breath was drying the moist, that was flowing off my body. When my cock sunk into his mouth, I was ready to explode. I clenched eyes and successfully held my breath. I didn’t want it to end so quickly. He felt it and started licking me slowly. He was uncovering my penis with his mouth and then engorging it, defenseless like a baby. Sucking in it’s juice like potion and letting it shove itself into the deep and narrow. I lost control and patience, he relaxed the muscles on his neck, grabbed my ass with his hands and pushed me hard against himself, when my shout and sperm spilled at the same time. I felt the absorption and the rhythm of the dying spasm. My knees were shaking convulsively.

He raised up slowly and moved behind me. He pushed me toward the bed and gently placed my hands on the table. Still dizzy, I let him guide me. It’s usually me that’s fucking, but this time I was in a trance. I just heard the click of the handcuffs. When I turned my head I saw him standing on the bed and on top of me was the thickest cock I have ever seen and it was coming toward my face. Still surprised I engorged it and I couldn’t believe that it fits into my mouth.

It was perfect and delicious. I thought it was fully erected, when I felt it getting harder, stretching in my throat. And when I was thinking that I can’t go any further, he pulled it out harshly and quickly moved behind me. He split my ass like a ripe peach and carved into me, without giving me a chance to get back to my senses. Instead of pain, I was pierced by a lighting. Every next impact was like a rising thunder. My wrists were chaffing in the bracelets, my feet were sliding of the sweat, but he was holding me tight in his iron grip and I could only feel our mutual excitement growing toward the end. After his last impact, I felt stretched, tormented and divine in the same time.

I was putting on my cloths when I overheard Ursula talking about something on the radio in her morning block. These were the only words I was hearing. He didn’t even look at me when I left.

The morning after he was there again. Sitting on the far end table, outside the café.

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